Farid Granule productive and commercial company

In 2005, was established in Qom and it has focused production and supply of all kinds of PVC and it has the slogan:

Quality, stability and customer’s satisfaction Mr. Ali Farid, managing in director, has used his experiences in field of plastic industry to provide and improve quality level. He is honoured to exporting 90 percent of his production outside.  [More]



Commercial division of the company has had extraordinary activity in field of its own productions exports and other productions to variour countries especially the neighboring countries and new in depended republics and it was known as superior exporters. [More]





PVC is more useful material in the century. It is created by changing its additions such as stublelayzer, lubricant, plasticizer and filer (philer) …. , so they are changed to hard, soft, resistance against heat and cold, stroke, electric current, humidity and fire materials.It can be producted in various shaped and colors. Farid Granule Companly is able to offer the following materials .[More]